What is a One Up Band?

One Up Bands are the most fashionable and functional headband designed for women and girls on the move! Our simple non-slip design makes it easy for girls to add a stylish touch to their gym routine or jazz up their hair for a night out. Either way our 1000+ (and growing) headband styles won’t slip through a tough workout or just letting loose.

What is the Difference Between a Non-Slip and a Tie Back Headband?

As you can see from our collection of goodies, we also offer a generous selection of tie back headbands as well. Our Tie-Back Headbands are made from an anti-microbial 100% moisture-wicking fabric for our athletic types. Instead of using an elastic piece in the back you just simply tie the band around your forehead or wherever it is comfortable for you.

What other products does your company offer?

Along with our non-slip headbands and moisture-wicking tie back bands we also offer an extensive collection of Wristband Keychains, Elastic Headbands and tug-free Hair Ties in a variety of colors and designs!

How Should I Wear My One up Band?

Here at One Up Bands we recommend you first put your headband around your neck as if it were a necklace, elastic in the back of course. Then just pull the front of the headband up to the top of your head and tuck it behind the ears. The band should fit snugly at the hairline, although if you prefer your headband further back on your head then that is fine too! Either way your headband will stay in place all day so don’t be afraid to get moving. We also enjoy matching our headbands to our favorite outfits for a super coordinated look.

Are One Up Bands One Size Fits All?

One Up Bands are designed to fit heads of all sizes. Although, we do understand that some people like a looser headband and some heads (like toddlers and small children) need to be smaller. If you would like a special sized headband feel free to contact us and we will add an adjustable strap or size the headband to fit your measurements.

Are You Able to Make Custom Headbands?

Yes! Customizing headbands is our specialty! Whether you are in need of 1 or 1000 headbands, our in house designer will be happy to work closely with you to create the headband of your dreams. Custom headbands can be created in as little as 5 days from start to finish! You can create a whole new design or customize one of our already created designs for your charity, store, school, gym or business.

How Should I Wash My One Up Band?

Although we have heard some unique ways to wash our One Up Bands, we recommend hand washing with a light detergent and laying flat on a towel to air dry. This will help your One Up Band keep its vibrant color and shape. We strongly advise to keep your One Up Band away from the washer and dryer. I repeat NEVER put your One Up Band in the washer or dryer.

When and How Is My Order Shipped?

Here at One Up Bands we understand the urgency of fashion in today’s busy world. Our warehouse ships out orders as soon as possible. If your headband needs to be made to complete your order it usually has a 1 to 2 day turnaround, still getting your order shipped out as soon as possible from when the order is placed. If you need your headbands by a certain time, feel free to contact us with your order.

Where are your One Up Bands Made?

Our headbands are proudly made in the USA, just outside of Dayton, OH.

Does One Up Bands Guarantee Their Headbands and Accept Returns?

Our company only wants to send you the best product available on the market. If you are at all unsatisfied with your One Up Band please contact our customer service department so we can help resolve any issues you may be having with your headband. Your input is valued and helps us better our company.

Where Can I Buy One Up Bands?

Our headbands can be found in some of the finest gift shops, athletic apparel stores, hospitals, and boutiques all over the country. If you haven’t yet found our headbands in a store near you, you can order online here at our website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Are The NCAA College Team Bands licensed?

Yes! Our company is licensed to produce headbands for all NCAA college teams. We are also licensed to produce Greek sorority headbands also which can be designed to fit your own style using sorority colors, letters, and mascot.

I Still Have A Question…

Great! Feel free to contact us by calling (937) 298-6282 during our regular business hours (9 am-5:30 pm Eastern Standard) or use our handy-dandy contact form!