Custom T-Shirts

New! Get custom t-shirts for your school, company, family name it. We offer highly competitive pricing that will amaze you (even better than Whether you need shirts to show off your logo, you need them for your school's spirit wear program, or your company wants to give out free shirts, One Up Bands custom t-shirts has you covered. Don't hesitate, call or click the button below today to get a price quote. 

In the meantime, check out our slideshow of previous (and happy!) customers:


    • Alabama Elephant T-Shirt
    • Barry's Bagels T-Shirt
    • Dairy Dash 2016 T-Shirt
    • Dayton Childrens T-Shirt
    • Hybrid Earth T-Shirt
    • Kentucky Downs T-Shirt
    • Kick Cancer T-Shirt
    • Mason Comets Basketball T-Shirt
    • Oakwood Basketball Camp T-Shirt
    • Ohio State University Drum Major T-Shirt
    • Mason Comets Distressed Slanted T-Shirt
    • Show Me The Money T-Shirt
    • St Sue Football T-Shirt
    • The Melvin Experience T-Shirt
    • Auburn T-Shirt
    • Beavercreek Cross Country T-Shirt
    • Danis - Caresource Topping Out T-Shirt
    • Happy Halloween T-Shirt
    • Jones Elementary T-Shirt
    • Kentucky State Running Horses T-Shirt
    • Lithko Cancer Cure T-Shirt
    • Mason Comets Preppy T-Shirt
    • St Sue Basketball Net T-Shirt
    • Patterson Park Baseball Uniform T-Shirt
    • Tecumseh Arrows T-Shirts
    • Oakwood Lane Stadium T-Shirt
    Have an idea but no designer? No problem. Let our experienced and highly qualified graphic design team create the artwork! If you have a logo, design ideas, or more, just let us know and we'll create an awesome and unique design just for you. Click on the Begin Customizing button below to get a quote, send us your logo or design ideas, or get started with your custom t-shirt order.

    Questions? Feel free to call us at 513-617-1074.