Here at One Up Bands, we are strong believers in staying fit through team sports, running and training as well as healthy eating habits. We understand the need to keep your hair - and your sweat - out of your eyes, especially when you've got your sights set on the goal! Our Non-Slip, Loopty Loop and Tie-Back headbands are the latest in stylized, high-performance sports trends for gals and guys of all ages.

We pride ourselves in quality workmanship, with all of our products made in the USA. We source premium materials so that we can offer the most comfortable and secure sports headbands that work better and last longer! And, in case you hadn't noticed, sportswear has become street wear! Our extensive collection of vibrant and unique colors, styles, and designs guarantee that One Up Bands are a fashionable addition to anyone's wardrobe, both on and off the field.

With our home office located just outside of Dayton, OH, we also like to keep current with all the wonderful activities within the surrounding communities. Take a look at our blog and you'll note that there is SO much going on! Seeing our neighbors moving around, partaking in sweaty, fun activities fills us with joy and reminds us that we are more than just an accessory company: we are a family that loves to see all our brothers and sisters thriving and enjoying life!

Our Mission

To have as much fun as possible creating and producing great products
that help our customers look and perform at their best
and to do this within a culture of moral and ethical bearing
that is reflective of our Christian based virtues.
About One Up Bands