Sporty Non-Slip Headbands

Sporty HeadbandsOur sporty collection of non-slip girls headbands are ideal for the gal on the soccer field, pitcher's mound, or the tennis court. Even the toughest girl in the Crossfit gym will find something to compliment her style! We’ve got cute headbands, work out headbands, and simple elastic headbands for girls on the go. Show the world what you love with a sports headband from One Up Bands - whether you are a team member or a member of the crowd, our non-slip headbands will keep your hair out of your face so you can keep your eye on the prize.

All non-slip bands are available in standard 20". We also offer an adjustable band, which provides a range of 18-20.5".

Made in the USA!

Perfect Headband for Any Sport or Activity

Our headbands are proudly made in the United States! This means that you can expect a quality product that won’t let you down.

One Up Bands is committed to your comfort, your style, and your lifestyle. Our signature product, the non-slip headband, was made for you. Whether you’re an athlete or not, we’re all on the go. You need a headband that will keep your hair in place and out of your face. You also need a headband that won’t throw off your style. Whether you need a headband to tame your hair as you clean or want to make a fashion statement on the track, our headbands will keep you on the go all day long.

Our cute headbands are not just fashionable—they are functional. The strength of our headband is one of its most important features. We guarantee that you’ll be able to rock your headband over and over without having to worry about it losing grip or strength. You can be confident in every aspect of your look!

If you have any questions about our non-slip headbands, please contact us today!