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Our Favorite Grokette

August 22, 2014

You've probably heard the term 'paleo' thrown around the diet circuit quite a bit over the last few years. It has found itself in good company with a few other popular buzzwords like primal, LCHF, gluten-free and ancestral as the citizens of this nation rise up to take control of their personal health and well-being. Adopting a paleo nutritional lifestyle isn't nearly as complex as it sounds, but it can be tough making the transition, especially for all those self-professed 'carboholics'. No worries, Primal Blueprint Publishing's hippest Grokette, Leslie Klenke, breaks it down in her new book, Paleo Girl. We recently curled up with our very own copy of this little gem and couldn't be more excited to tell you...

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Pre-Run Warm-Ups: Why They're Necessary

August 15, 2014

What could be considered the most essential element to a successful run is also the most often overlooked: the warm-up. It's about more than just stretching your muscles in anticipation of the actual run, be it a 5k, marathon or just your daily jog; it's also about raising your heart/respiratory rates, opening up your joints and establishing focus. Many people do about five minutes of long stretches before a run and, while long stretches are good, they aren't doing you any favors on their own. Whether you take five minutes or twenty-five minutes to warm up, we've got some great drills to help you get the most out of your run! Posture & FocusStand with your feet shoulder-width apart, your...

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