Loopty Loop, Tie-Back headbands, and Non-Slip Athletic Headbands

No matter what type of activity you love to do, our headbands will help you stay focused on playing your best game.

Don’t let your hair hold you back from performing at the top of your game! All of our headbands have been tested by a variety of extreme athletes to ensure comfort and functionality, so you know that our headbands will stay put.

Non-Slip Athletic Headbands

Headbands were created to enhance your workout—not distract from it. Some headbands might lose their grip, but ours will stay put, no matter what conditions you put it through. We have worked tirelessly to create products that will not only help you get through your workout, but will also enhance your personal style. After all, feeling confident in your gear is the first step to a successful workout.

Tie-Back headbands

For the athlete that wants just a little more hold, our tie-back headbands are just right. These headbands not only hold back your hair, but they also keep the sweat out of your face. Our tie-back headbands add an extra level of confidence to your workout, providing superior hold and protection against irritating sweat. You’ll look and feel your best with our awesome tie-back headbands. Each of our bands will enhance your workout, your personal style, and your everyday life!

Loopty Loop

Stay ahead of the competition with the latest in athletic fashion accessories like our Loopty Loop bands! These stylish bands are perfect for everyone from young girls trying to tame their bangs to triathletes looking for a quality headband with staying power. These headbands will keep your hair out of your face and your mind on the game.

Our Loopty Loop headbands come in three different widths: 1”, 1.5”, and 2”.

New Arrivals!

All our headbands come in the latest colors, patterns, and prints. Take a look at our new arrivals—we’ve always got fresh designs!

Custom Headbands

Create a headband perfect for you, your sports team, club, business or more! We can include your colors and even your logo! Contact us for custom hea dband questions!

Best Sellers!

Our best-selling headbands include the hottest colors and prints. But hurry! Our best-sellers move fast!

Design Your Own!

Get creative with your headbands! Whether you want to create team unity with a custom headband or design a headband to compliment your favorite outfit, we can help you make the headband of your dreams!
With hundreds upon hundreds of designs, chances are high you'll find at least a few One Up Bands that suit your needs.
If you don't find the perfect design or pattern, have no fear - we can customize that!